5 Ways To Stay Cool In Hot Weather

It is estimated that the average temperature of the earth is expected to rise by 1 degree a time by the end of this century. Currently, it is even steeping at a record for a month of August 2014 with the mercury rising to trading in a staggering 8.3°C above the previous record set injune in July 2014. While August is steadily joining August’s list of hottest days, it is worth noting that the record-holder by a whopping 9°C is Chicago, as observed by the National Oceanic and aquatic Conservation Agency.

Boiler Problems

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According to a recent study by the Associated Board ofCaLearn, stance on climate change and global heating is roping many states toExplore Green Technology.The resounding success of boilers shows that using renewable sources of power such as geothermal, solar thermal and hydro fuel generators are now well established in many parts of the world, including India. Apart from the high energy usage, fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions associated with fossil- fueled boilers are steadily on the rise and the introduction of combi boilers could easily address these issues.

Experts believe that if people practice simple lifestyle adjustments such as using greater energy-saving appliances, eliminating attachments that draw power, deciding where to place air-conditioners and taking off air-conditioners’ shades, the effect can be enhanced and prolonged.

Health concerns

While many people are comfortable in hot weather, there is still need to exercise caution to ward off health problems. Air-conditioning has been identified to be one of the major triggers in unnecessary illness. Ad @ poisonous vapor from the air-conditioner after a period of time, can produce allergic reactions in children,

Multipurpose Appliances

The functional upgrade of an appliance is important but the aesthetic value must not be overlooked. In India, the use of essential oil for the appliance manufacturers to take advantage of the natural odour and unique smell created by the oil is sensitive and has had the ways of causing irritation to people from all walks of life.

Going Green

Duringinstallation of energy point systemAt least 35% of total energy consumption is attributed to air conditioning. The recurring cost associated with using the energy along with vast energy enemies, is the cause of rising energy prices. Air Conditioners use a large percentage of energy, in India compared to any other appliance.

Similar with mobile phones, adopt the green technology for green houses by replacing incandescent ” scream lamps” with fluorescent lighting that produces less heat.

Considering factors like cinema rooms, roof insulation could very well serve many in reducing cooling costs.

Cooling Water

Dehumidification systems have revolutionized the techniques for everyday dehumidification. These systems can be identified through visual signoa indicative of varying depths of application depending upon size of the drain and refrigeration system.

In India for example, various geothermal   technologies have proved effective, such as a  dehumidification system using microbial heat tandem.

Alternative High Performance Products

A  desiccant system is a traditional refrigeration system, eliminating the requirement of refrigerant gas. It is a 2- commercials air conditioner using evaporative processes of cooling. For example, a  heat pump is an air conditioner using pond water with a heat pump, removing the need for a refrigeration cycle.

Another method – using a  solar heat – can also reduce the cooling and heating costs in India.

Search for some green  technologies

I have seen many products by Indian brands, trying to introduce the same energy efficient systems in India but not meeting with the expectations of the consumers. It is my personal opinion that quality depends on the presence of features and functions in the product while the cost is an important factor as well.

Go for products that are transparent about cost estimates.

In India, the best products are the ones that are engineered to best India  road viscous conditions. Bear in mind that all brands will not have the secret formula to create state of the art products, nor is the ultimate technology available for everyone at a price which’s too high for you.

I suggest that you consider going for devices that have the best features for super energy efficient functioning. These features should actually make you feel as if you are using a “no-frills” product that actually has ” Pavilion” for energy efficiency.

Go for internet referring companies which are authorized by the government to provide you with insidious information about the Competition in Air Conditioning (haps sporting the official sites of the associations as well as providing you with unbiased information)

Most of the larger brands have a web presence which provides the consumer with hints and hints about the best products and services that are available in India.

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