Break Free From Seasonal Clutter

Spring is upon us, and with it comes the annual clearing before you start adding things back into your home. While lots of spring cleaning takes place in the winter months, you can add another aspect to your spring cleaning to do with spring cleaning – get rid of seasonal clutter in your home.

Seasonal clutter will accumulate slightly throughout the year. It could be seasonaloretcategory clutter or decoration clutter, but whatever it is, it stays around. While you do eventually get the home organized, it invariably involves adding things back into your home, yet that will probably mean a slight rearrangement of furniture or storage space.

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So, what can you do to break free from seasonal clutter in your home?

1. Start with the closets.

What do closets have in common? You have them because they are multi-functional spaces in your home that can be used for other things than just clothes.

Your closets are like a thread in your home which will pop loose if you allow them to just stay in place forever, at which point they begin to look really ugly. Get yourself two large boxes or bags and brand new organizers for your closets. Pick up things such as clothing, linens, and other things that you just simply don’t use anymore but don’t want to give up.

2. Take out all of the stuff you have in your closets already and separate them into three piles- the things you want to keep, the things you don’t want to keep and the things you want to throw away. Now separate what you use and what you don’t use. If you have things you need or use very rarely then just use them and get rid of the things you don’t. You can even donate them to charity and be happy you even did it.

3. Take inventory of your stuff.

Look into the space you have immediately to each closet on each side of the closet door and on the other side of each closet door. Look to see what clothes you generally use regularly and what clothes are only used seasonally.

I like to store things by season in one or two areas of my closet that I’m not storing in each season. I store things by why the clothes are seasonal and when I will use these clothes. In my two closet near the door to my master bedroom, I have two boxes which look exactly alike, the first box I use for my summer clothes which I usually go with leopard or suede or jeans or whatever outfit I’m going to wear. The other box I store my winter clothes which I normally go with polo-style shirt or card dresses or sweaters that I only want to wear for special holidays together with things like applicable perfume and cologne.

If I were to get more clothes this way, I could easily double or triple my storage space.

4. Use a dresser or chest instead of a closet.

I have a 2 drawer dresser in my master bedroom, which I rarely use except for donating or selling my old things. But every year why not get something nice to wear? I recently hit the stores and found a nice 30″ slant top and full-length mirror in the dresser for $30. That dresser is completely fill with clothes for everyday wear! I should have gone with a chest instead of a dresser because every time I need some of my summer clothes, I just put them in the dresser! But that begs the question, is the dresser necessary? No, because that dresser is where I store my clothes for all of my wardrobes.

5. Donate clothes and other things.

If you don’t have the space in your closet or your home, you should think about donating your clothes and other items such as larger objects that you don’t use on a daily basis to places that will appreciate them. What is important to me is that these don’t go to landfills or have a negative effect on the environment, so any clothing at least is willing to make the trip.

There you are! Getting rid of seasonal clutter is much easier than most people think and it doesn’t have to be hard. But that is my goal for my life. Yes, I started on my own, but I am proud to say that my home organization guide has helped me free myself of seasonal clutter and the results are incredible. So knowing that I am really asking for help, I are looking for backer samples to build a successful venture from the start. Will you help me? If you would like to get started making your home more relaxing, functional and healthy why not sign inhttp://www.SweatFreeStyle.comwith your information. You’ll be very happy you did!

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