Deck Planter Boxes – An Inviting Feature For Any Outdoor Space

Deck planter boxes are a great way to add instant curb appeal to your deck. With so much work outside, it only makes sense that entertaining shouldn’t be reserved for indoors. If you’re looking for some affordable way to create a nice decorative accent for your deck, check out some of the great plans available online.

Faux stone landscape deck planter boxes are one of the most common ways that homeowners decide to add to their deck, and in turn, make their deck come to life. Real-size planter boxes are exactly what you’re looking for to add texture, being that they’re manufactured in a wide range of various styles. In addition to the regular box shape found more commonly today, you’ll often find a number of others such as circular, square, and even customized diamond-shaped planter boxes. Some of these even have raised edges, like regular and stone bricks, complete with raised edges; others are squared-off so the planter boxes are more rectangular.

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In addition to these conveniences, if you don’t like the idea of having to purchase and haul around a variety of equipment to create your stepping stones, there are a number of planter boxes built to your specifications today. With 2,000-square-feet of tile at your disposal, you’re asking for one thing only: lots of assistance to complete your project. Or maybe you want to measure and cut the real thing in multiple pieces before assembling the actual box – or perhaps the use of walk-through planter boxes is what you’re really looking for. Or maybe you’re not looking for the real thing at all, but just want to create a grouping of trellises. With screens, you can distribute your plants and vines, even fake hedges, among other great and decorative accents – and once you’ve finished it, all you then have to do is add the furniture, furniture covers, and maybe even some patio blinds to protect it all from the wind.

Another option forLeveling & Planting Planter Boxes:

One alternative to planter boxes is the traditional garden, of course. Say you have a place under your shade tree that’s never been utilized – but it never hurts to have that right, right? Plus, say you’re really missing a privacy setting. Well, if you want to install a fence around your yard or patio, you’ll need a stack of planter boxes to create tall, sturdy fencing. And, once you’re done, you simply store them back in your yard – ready for a new burst of growth and a fresh look.

Professional Landscaping Designers can help you determine what deck plans work best for your space, as can architects, buyers, and contractors. Use a combination of pictures and photos of your particular space, plus pictures of other spaces that you like, and we can perform a complete and complex landscaping design for just about any type of yard.

Deck Tips for the Perfect Deck and Deck Decor

Deck Repairs

Now you might just need to do some minor deck repair. Once plain cement deck board gets a little tipsy, all hope is not lost, and most repairs can be done quickly with the right tools, products and skills. Let’s take a deck repair example:

You need to clean up a few wash outs around the patio area. To bring back the luster, some products can help prolong the beauty of the cement board, typically based on the kind of hydroscopic material that’s used. You might want to use peroxide, or perhaps a Digital 65 Enamel paint product. This kind of paint just dries on, then maintains the texture you want, surface Goods. Just be sure to use products that are specifically designed for patio decks. Whatever you decide, vacuum off any existing dirt and grime, using an industrial powered “De-WPocket”, or a generic broom. Then apply your primer, using a foam brush. Then spray coats, using an aluminum roller or sprayer. Then it’s time for the finish, using a porate brush; wet-on textured polyurethane. Follow the usual application technique as outlined to the manufacturers. So when your deck comes to an entertaining time, your house is cleaned and maintained perfectly, plus you’ve got a little hidden storage space for the wines!

Redwood or cedar decks are all very reputable and attentive and will last a long time if there’s a warranty on them; less expensive and lighter woods are usually less resistant to weather as well as reducing the need for regular maintenance; but many woods can take routine maintenance quite badly. However, a few woods are very easy to maintain, and these are: cypress, ipe, alder as well as muralteris.

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