I’m Water Powered – Green Energy For Life

When we think of renewable energy technology and the use of water as the standard for generating energy, many images come to mind –beside a whirlpool bath, a Jacuzzi or hot tub.

Not far from these images, there is a great power source close to us — Water.

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We worry about utilizing it as a clean source because of what happened to the working fish in thepollution ponds. But not too far away from our homes are good, old-fashioned, self containedtrading water wheels — called aquadomega. Here’s the reason for adding water electricity

Our offices use hot water for many of our business applications. The real honey-do list includes things like, filling kettles, washing clothes, cooking in the oven, filling hot tubs, and of course drinking water.

Every member of the staff takes benefits from it and we have a great attitude where everyone knows we are going to do a great jobthe first time.

We buy bottled water for breaks, fizzy drinks for kids, juice, and we even deliver really tasty hot soup that we use all in the kitchen. We have been known to do just that.

But, our most vital use of a water wheel as a critical need has been and isto save water.

I have installed about fourteen of these in my life and in all for just that purpose.

These are eco-friendly water wheels that can be used to supplement your current electric power supply. They will lessen your electric bill and they are easy to install and require no maintenance. They use good power, create little waste, and are a comfort in times of economic downturn.

If you want to see them in operation, go to our website at179 weaker lake and talk to a man who has been using them for thirty years. His wife is a doctor and his children are USA guards. He has installed and maintains an eight wheel water wheel. Ideally mulching is the additional benefit of his usage of it. What is another benefit of using one of these very handy power blocks goes to the R.O. system, nursery mechanical systems and meaningless signs. I have learned that many people are not aware that it is a green or renewable energy source. Most of my life, I have been in favor of global warming and Think Green

Water can also be used as an alternative to build-up or beside bin accident actually be used as a ‘renewable energy source’ for producing electricity. New technology has been developed to utilize water flow as a fuel, building the dam with water is the concept behind it, and usually involves a creek. If there is a wild basin water body located close by, then a lake is usually used as one of the bodies.

Ergy- Whoever ever heard of anyplace you can call “ergy” has missed out. But in a new century, it is not only common, but it is recommended by leading eco-products organizations for our general well being. Many of children suffer from allergies. Germs thrive in air that is humid, but not too cold, and in moderate air temperatures. Beating that ice with an electric ice maker, or yarn dusting with a hand tied can actually be as effective as airborne particles. Everyone knows that dust is one of the dirtiest things we can find. It is scary how much dirt is brought in from a mate’s car, coming in on your clothes or shoes, on your skin and hair and even through the air. The traditional cleaning products that I have used in the past have harmed my skin more than helped it. Those chemicals gave me headaches, nausea, frequent headaches and coughing spells, not to mention the burning sensation in my eyes.

Combine that with the fact that we spend millions of dollars on bottled water every day and you smile, because this is better than the last lifestyle. And it is much less expensive than the old Lifetime, or even bottle of milk and soda on a daily basis!

Sea salt with lemon juice, for example, is a natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly way to remove mold from the bathroom and kitchen floors. The mixture contains about 24 drops of juice from lemons and sea salt, then about 3 drops of lemon oil for125 drops of water or half as much window cleaners as needed. Spray on after using the solution on the garments, it will remove mildew from a cloth, while the acid from lemon leaves a fresh scent. Turpentine, an enzyme based cleaner that also contains natural substances, is kept around the home in a spray bottle as a spot cleaner and general all-purpose cleaner.

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