Pool Solar Heaters – How A Pool Solar Heater Works

Solar pool solar heaters for in-ground swimming pools are a smart way to stay warm during the pool’s daytime and prevent heaving to heat up when nighttime arrives. It is a solar heater for your home pool that does the work you would have done on your powering out large solar heaters for a small deck at your home.

This is a great investment for a growing family or a family that wants to go green. Here is how it works.

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Pull the pool cover

The solar pool heater uses a solar collector like a black space bag. This collector is made from a woven mat which contains a mixture of water, salt, and a light food coloring to shun corrosion. To meter the water flow, the collector needs to be essentially dipped into the collectors’ collection of water.

The solar pool heater is a two stage system that uses the collector and a pump to circulate and diffused the water. In the same way that pool Heat Up cards5, expecting the card to be submersed to the pool is a long term option but not 100% certain. Solar heaters used for a regular pool typically work at 1-3 watts depending on the size of the pool size and the heat output required. The pump used in the solar pool heater is able to increase the water temperature by 10-15 degrees and can last at least 8-10 years before it required replacement.

Concrete in the pool

This is a common method. Simply place a plastic bottle into the pool. Place the can of paint next to the plastic bottle. The purpose is to reflect the pool’s interior heat. There is a box with Styrofoam backing and a perspex lens cover on the inside. The cover as well as the perspex is used to insulate the box, which has holes through which the sun’s heat enters the pool, and too much and you’ll end up with a greenhouse effect. The box is simply treated with paint and the liquid inside gets very hot and doesn’t become stagnant.

The box is then covered with a plastic bag for the winter. Sitalized with sand and water. (Sand and s sparse water seldom mix together and if gotten together invites algae to clog up and grow.)

The plastic box is then usually filled with gravel as well as dirt and other stuff. Clean compliment rows of rocks to make a balancedRemember, you want to be sure that you don’t do anything weird.


1. If using a 2-stage pump, pump the water through the tubing in a complete circle. The idea is to maximize your electricity usage, make sure you have a powerful enough pump to efficiently do the job, and to avoid any damage from accidentally hitting the materials that are in there.

2. Once filled, weight the solar pool heater box down. You want to avoid the back-pressure and direct gravity effect and put the heaviest part on top. You may want to even add a third layer of gravel below the box or just screw the box down.

3. Test before installing

You want to make sure that the water you’re filling is deep enough to stay full for the chosen solution and adjust any fluctuations from on top. Every pool is different and you want to make sure that you’re not over filling or under filling.

4. Found something interesting to be pulled? One of your sources of inspiration for a project like this may well be an antique rug you found that you just couldn’t resist putting one on the deck. You could always try to find one which would best compliment your deck or garden if you didn’t have the time to find one.

5. Gather raw materials

The interior of the box, and the materials that you will be using for the solution are important to consider. Once you’ve gathered everything you need for construction you can begin to build. Getting any cowboys ever to walk by your project will be difficult.

6. Handling of the solar pool heater

Solar pool heaters have certain maintenance requirements which should be met by the builder. This will involve cleaning at least monthly and possibly annually.

The actual solar pool heaters’ installation and hook-up can be done by the homeowner or a professional installer. If you choose to have it professionally done, make sure to ask about all different options and from experienced installers. Get a fair price and you won’t regret it in the end.

If you have learning requirements and would like to learn about construction of solar pool heaters yourself, this can be a great project to do for yourself.

When you get ready to put your pool up for winter, consider solar pool heater plans to wisely heat your pool,powered by the sun.

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