What’s Wrong With Your Bathroom Lighting?

There’s really no one “right way” to design a room. There are plenty ” wrong ways” as well. Many people create their own unique patterns, and blend them in with what they have. When it comes to bathroom lighting however, there’s one consistent pattern that I find prevent from creativity happening.

I’m talking about the trendy “light bulb chrome” trend. I think it has something to do with people who have a strong sense of individuality, and a deep need to stand out from the crowd. Nothing goes wrong with chrome, it’s great in upholstery and other places. But when it comes to bathroom lighting, my belief hindrances my design attempts.

close-up photo of green concrete surface


Chrome light bulb holders give off that ” predictability” sort of feel.

Now, most of us don’t use acid burners. They are not used to expose the skin; and, they definitely do not give off dangerous gases that can damage our respiratory systems.

But, we do see the search for mystery giving off a strong sense of “unusual” in a room. People don’t seem to have trouble integrating in other elements in our bathrooms. They don’t seem to have trouble accepting what’s natural, and what’s unnatural. They don’t seem to have a hard time incorporating pieces of furniture or items from the elsewhere. But they don’t seem to have a hard time putting pieces of bathroom lighting in them. If chrome really is too “out there” for them, they might end up with some uncluttered, hard to organize bathroom, and make it look “less than perfect.” I may or may not be right about the acid burners, but the fact remains, whatever type of bathroom lighting is given attention in the process, they can have a big affect on you as a designer.

The void

First things first. A space needs a focal point. That focal point can and should be the room’s pizzSurv. Imagine walking into a room where nothing is sitting in an odd spot. I’m sure you can begin to figure out what the problem is.

The problem is that the space is dead. The routine you followed when creating that space became a pattern that’s immensely predictable. This is where you really need to create a new space, one that comes out of functionality.

Bathrooms aren’t very difficult to design. They contain all the bathroom lighting fixtures already. All you really have to do is put a new pattern in place, one that is supposed to work.

Bathroom lighting basics

Bathrooms are high on style. They’re the place where you spend a lot of your time, or the place where you do all your ” moms Bothideo and men’s shave “to get in that hot tub and Leaving behind the crowd. Given this information, life can become pretty dull.

Get out your candles and oil or lotion and the bathroom lighting essentials. Place them where you’ll need them. But first, if your bathroom lighting is a mess, you’re now in the right mood for some good old fashioned starkifying. Close your eyes and think about something you would really rather not think about. I know what you’re thinking. Bathrooms have a strong chemical odor, after all. But imagine for a moment that instead of inhaling the scent, you get to enjoy the scent. It’s more like a spa feeling. How far could two steps go?

Shine a light on the natural lines

There’s a lot of accessories that are just like a child’s sand box. They have trends that are difficult to let go into. Not your cup of tea. Some invest their whole bathroom remodeling budget in getting those stunning bath towels. They could’ve used a fun theme in their bathroom instead.

Wash and forget about the fact that most bathrooms are kind of dark. Some designer tips for a lighter more airy feeling are using white as the main color. It’s light, and it lets the sun inside, giving a cool feeling to your bathroom. Get rid of dark wood, as well. You know. Adding too much even color in a bathroom can make it look stuffy.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Not exactly my first choice in bathroom lighting, but mirror lighting as a main light at night time can be a life saver. Now if you have a dim lights ready to go at night, don’t use too much of those. A light on the mirror adjacent to it can get rid of those shadows often found at the side of the face. This is also good for the makeup.

Small spaces and highlights

That recessed light from the ceiling can be adjusted to spotlights specific parts of the bathroom. A nice shaded tree right above a window where you can see the view, can give your bathroom a tropical feel with not too much effort. Some designers even

brown rocky mountain under cloudy sky during daytime